President's Message


Hello fellow HFMA members!  As we start the 2017-2018 chapter year I want to let you know am thrilled to be a part of it.  I am humbled and honored that you have selected me to lead Western New York to what will hopefully be another successful year.  I am following many dedicated and passionate individuals to both the chapter and advancing the field of healthcare finance as a whole since the inception of the chapter.  I hope that I can add to that legacy.

I want to thank Ryan Caster for his leadership during the 2016-2017 chapter year.  We scored overall really well and continued to advance the chapter in a positive way.  Last year we provided over 2,800 education hours in both webinar and live attendance.  We also had many well attended social events that build the camaraderie that is so important.

The upcoming year will present both challenges and opportunities.  We are looking at a busy year, with HFMA national going further with their chapter 2.0 initiatives and our internal efforts to fulfill our strategic plan we developed last chapter year.  I look forward to working with our leadership team to fulfill these goals. 

The national chair for 2017-2018, Carol Friesen, selected her theme to be: Where Passion Meets Purpose.  She believes that everyone has a special purpose and for those of us that chose healthcare finance we have a unique opportunity to realign and reimagine how we better serve our patients.  However, at the times of our hectic lives we lose sight of why we are truly here and miss the ability to leave our mark.  Her goal is to encourage us to find our “sweet spot” – where passion meets purpose.  Personally, I think that is a worthwhile and achievable goal.  I am going to make my attempt to reignite that passion. I hope you will do the same.

Lastly, I want to thank those of you who committed yourself to the chapter and volunteer one of your most precious commodities, time.  It is thanks to you that we are able to provide the services we offer.  I hope that our members will continue to take advantage of the hard work that you all do. 

Steven Chizuk

2017-2018 Chapter President